There are several different ways of determining your ring size in standard US sizing.

To find out your ring size at home, you could use a piece of string or dental floss, wrap it around the base of the finger to measure the diameter. If you are between sizes, the safest option would be to order up. Please make sure you do not wrap the string too tightly and consider the size of your knuckles, which are often the largest part of your finger.

Please keep in mind that the same finger on the opposite hand may have a different ring size, and measure your finger at the end of the day when it is likely to be the largest.

You could also determine your ring size by measuring the inner diameter of a ring you already own and fits the finger on which you would like to wear the new ring. This method comes in handy when you are buying a ring for your loved one and do not want ruin the surprise.

After measuring your ring diameter, use the chart below to determine your size. If you already know your ring size in EU or other international measurement, simply find out what your size converts to in standard US sizing using the chart below.


*Please note this is only a guide and we cannot be responsible for incorrect ring size determination.